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"The Lyrical Goddess"

Sheriese Nicole, an Atlanta Tastemaker, serves the world as a musician, emcee, DJ, and event promoter/producer. Sheriese Nicole has been writing, recording, and performing conscious music for over 10 years and she is also the leader of a dynamic band called Maximum Sound. As lead vocalist and bassist, she shares her healing work through music along with her musically healing band members.

Sheriese is devoted to creating music that has the ability to move people emotionally and make people feel alive. Her success is amplified by her steadfast disciplined drive and creative spirit. Above all, she has found and kept her own voice and identity.

Media Personality

Emcee & DJ

Without question, you will realize that there is definitely something unique and different about Sheriese Nicole once you see her in action gracing the stage or the airwaves. Whether she is your Emcee for the evening, hyping the crowd, or rocking a radio show as your DJ; her exotic presence and vibe invite you to be a part of the event. You will walk away, every time, feeling like you were a part of the experience!


Band Leader and Bassist

Sheriese Nicole has been the Band Leader of her band, Maximum Sound, for over 10 years. Her vocals, meaningful lyrics, and lively performance shine with her live instrumentation as seen here !!!

Event Producer

Sheriese is a visionary and overall producer that has pioneered Health, Healing, and Youth Arts Development movements in Atlanta. All aspects of Sheriese’s work are focused on the healing of her people; thus humanity, with her creative stylish flare. She has a gift for harnessing and properly channeling beautiful energy for and during purposeful gathering.

Sheriese Nicole is a Master Event Curator who is credited with the curation and creative promotion of countless successful events in Atlanta for the past 15 years. She has produced, curated, and hosted Juneteenth Atl Music Fest Stage for 4 years along with other Atlanta Festivals. Sheriese has also performed on and managed the Wednesday Wind Downstage at Centennial Olympic Park.

Radio Producer

At InI Radio WRFG 89.3 FM, from 2009 to 2019, Sheriese Nicole provided a media platform to educate and promote young musicians, healers, innovative artists, and progressive organizations. Handpicked music elements gave rising artists the opportunity, as music connoisseurs, to showcase their work and heal others through creative music selections.

Sheriese is currently producing the 'Off Da Record' Talkshow.


Sheriese Nicole has a gift for bringing beautiful energies together. Using this natural talent for organization, she has transferred her finesse and passion for music into a Movement.


Now, more than ever, Sheriese Nicole is stepping up her efforts to ensure that people have an opportunity to learn, grow, and experience the world through her music and film experiences. She uses her vast knowledge of the Arts to make sure that people are not only entertained but properly informed, represented, supported, and embraced — no matter their culture, color, or background.


Dispelling the myths and misinformation associated with birthing in America and throughout the diaspora

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